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Welcome to The Anderson County Sheriff’s Website.

Hotline Numbers
Crime: 865-463-6880
Drug:   865-463-7175

We are committed to a law enforcement-community partnership in providing the delivery of our services. We shall accept a leadership role in increasing community understanding of our abilities and limitations. Proactive policing, crime prevention, and providing a safe and secure corrections facility shall be our primary focus.

Since 1801, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has served and protected its’ people with honor and integrity.   Over the past 200 years, we have developed into a model agency with highly trained deputies and administrators dedicated to offering the best service to the people.  Our office will never stop training and working hard to ensure the safety of everyone who lives, works, and visits Anderson County.

The Sheriff’s Office is divided into two major divisions:  Corrections and Operations. Within those divisions are highly trained units with special skill sets.

8 months ago

***2020-2021 School Resource Officer Unit***

Please pray for these men and women as they start the school year. They are facing unprecented times, but I am grateful for a SRO unit that is fully ... See more

8 months ago

A huge thank you to First Baptist Church of Norris and Pastor David Seiber for hosting tonight’s first responder appreciation event. Having the support of our community means the world.

8 months ago

9 months ago
Photos from Anderson County Sheriff's Office TN's post

Working for the people of Anderson County is an honor. We do what we do because of a higher calling to serve and protect. Today, we received a gift basket from Meri Ann and James Beets thanking our ... See more

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