A Message From Sheriff Paul White

Sheriff Paul White Our number one goal is to provide help and service to the people of Anderson County. During my administration the citizens of Anderson County should be assured that I will not forget the reason behind your votes of confidence. You want more accountability from your Sheriff's Department.

We at the Anderson County Sheriff's Department are committed to providing the safest possible environment for our citizens. Our values and goals drive our ambitious agenda to promote peace, strengthen the community, and enhance the quality of life. Through our partnership with the community, we embrace the community's involvement with crime control and public safety.

We will put forth our best effort to maintain the highest standards of integrity, service to the community, and professionalism. We are committed to reducing crime through pro-active law enforcement, education, and prevention. We are committed to you and your family.

Unfortunately, recent events have made each of us increasingly aware that we live in a dangerous world, forcing us to be at a heightened sense of alertness in order to protect our families and ourselves. Every day, the media reveals something new that assaults our sense of what is right, whether it be suicide bombings, abuses against children or any other violent crime.

While our awareness of suspect people and activities have elevated, we must not cast suspicion on someone due to their cultural origins. We must never forget that the diversity of individuals within our country is what has made us great. Our tolerance of different faiths, ethnic groups and cultures is what sets us apart from other nations. Never confuse intolerance with patriotism. Intolerance is wrong and it is heart wrenching to see acts of violence committed in the name of patriotism.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we all consider how we might contribute to the environment of peace and security that we all desire. As your Sheriff, I encourage each and every one of you to remain alert and willing to participate in our community. It's the small contributions each of us make, from reporting crimes to being willing to help our neighbor, that add up to a safe and secure community. Together with your involvement and the dedication of Anderson County Sheriff's Department, we can continue to make our county a safer place to live.

Sheriff Paul White
Anderson County Sheriff's Department