Patrol Section

The Patrol Section of the Anderson County Sheriff's Department is under the command of the Patrols Section Supervisor Lieutenant Kenny Sharp. If you have questions or comments about our Patrol Division, please contact Lieutenant Kenny Sharp at (865) 457-6262.

Deputies assigned to the patrol section respond to dispatched calls for service and also patrol the roads throughout the county. These deputies provide security for citizen's homes as well as enforcing traffic laws, providing escorts (such as funeral and oversized loads passing through the county), and serving civil and criminal warrants.

The Sheriff's Department has implemented a COP (Citizens on Patrol) program where a citizen is allowed to ride along with a deputy during his/her tour of duty. This program is a unique way for citizens of Anderson County to gain perspective on what the Deputies actually do during a tour of duty. Volunteers are not required to ride the full twelve (12) hour tour and may only ride twice per year. Due to the dangers involved in police work there are other regulations and procedures that must be followed before a citizen may ride along, but please feel free to call the Patrol Section supervisor for more information or to ask any questions you may have about this program.

The deputies of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind the citizens of Anderson County that the deputies are committed to its residents. Citizens should feel free to stop by the Sheriff’s Department to talk with the deputies and ask questions.

Lieutenant Kenny Sharp
(865) 457-6262