Departmental Mission Statement

Pursuit of Excellence in Performance and Service
The Anderson County Sheriff's Department shall strive for excellence in performance and delivery of services to the total community. We will recruit, employ and maintain personnel who reflect high professional standards. The quality of performance will be evaluated by the standards established to measure overall effectiveness. As we look to the future, it will be in a progressive and flexible manner that will meet tomorrow's community needs.

Utilization of Human Resources
The Anderson County Sheriff's Department is committed to constantly analyzing, evaluating and utilizing all available resources. We are committed to programs that will enhance the role of both employee and management while working for the betterment of the community.

Interaction of the Deputies with the Community
We are committed to a law enforcement-community partnership in providing the delivery of our services. We shall accept a leadership role in increasing community understanding of our abilities and limitations. Proactive policing, crime prevention and providing a safe and secure corrections facility shall be our primary focus.

Ethics and Values
Knowing that law enforcement and corrections officers are held to a higher standard of conduct, the deputies of the Anderson County Sheriff's Department shall strive to uphold the highest ethical ideals in both their professional and private lives. We shall take an active role in establishing and maintaining a professional image of law enforcement in all our contacts with the public we serve through honesty and integrity.