Drug Enforcement

The Anderson County Sheriff's Department Drug Enforcement Unit investigates local drug related matters within our jurisdiction and liaises with other agencies to combat the illegal sale of controlled substances.

A very dangerous trend is emerging with a significant portion of the drug subculture being addicted to crack cocaine and experimenting with methamphetamine. It should be noted that a large consensus is emerging from the medical profession, which suggests that Ecstasy, once considered relatively safe, is in fact extremely dangerous with continued use.

Analysis has indicated that Ecstasy is regularly being cut (laced) with methamphetamine as it is cheaper to make than Ecstasy and more addictive.

If you have information regarding drug use if your neighborhood, please use our online Drug Tip form to send your information. All submitted information is kept confidential.

Contact the Drug Enforcement Unit directly at: (865) 463-7175.

Sergeant Jim Leinart
(865) 463-7175