Criminal Investigations

Sergeant Jefferson Davis heads up the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, along with Corporal Harold Crowley, Investigator Dustin Coleman, Investigator Sean Flynn, Investigator Jeff Gilliam, Investigator Floyd Long, Investigator Rodney Minor, Investigator Don Scuglia, and Investigator LB Steele.

The Investigators are responsible for investigating major crimes that occur within Anderson County. this includes crimes against persons, and major property crimes.

Investigators also handle investigations concerning complaints against Sheriff's Department personnel. The Criminal Investigation Unit is responsible for performing thorough background investigations on new potential employees.

The Criminal Investigation Unit handles the majority of child sexual assaults and child abuse cases in Anderson County.

While the Patrol Section is the backbone of the Department, it is the Criminal Investigation Unit that takes up where Patrol leaves off. One isn't complete without the other. For either to be successful at doing their jobs there must be a cooperative partnership. The patrol officer takes the initial report and the Criminal Investigation Unit Investigator does the follow-up.

Criminal Investigation Unit, while not as visible to the public as patrol, plays a vital role in the success of the Department. The variety of units and experiences that make up Criminal Investigation Unit add considerable depth. These attributes help us to win and keep contract cities. Criminal Investigation Unit has a role to play in community policing as well. Problem solving isn't just a patrol responsiblity. Investigators often see patterns in robberies, vice activities, assaults and other crimes that can be positively impacted by working with citizens and patrol officers to find solutions.

If you have been the victim of a crime, or if you wish to speak with the Anderson County Sheriff's Department Investigation Unit please contact our offices at the number listed.

Sergeant Jefferson Davis
(865) 457-6269 Ext. 1141